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Valentine's Day- Be at 1

I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day felt extra special this year. Jonathan and I spent a night at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, a new 5 star hotel I want to share with you. 1 Hotel is a trendy hotel located at 60 Furman Street with THE most spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline. We were greeted in the lobby by the aroma of cedarwood and vetiver which put me into a relaxed state right away. The deluxe king room we reserved was a corner unit that provided us with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Freedom Tower directly in front of us and the Statue of Liberty. Manhattan was so close to us that it looked like the buildings were growing right out of the water. There was something in this room for all your senses. 1 Hotel put so much thought and detail into their room that they kept winning me over with each new find. Besides the view, which would have been enough, they supplied us with a yoga mat in case we forgot, but I did have my travel Manduka mat folded up in my overnight bag. The yoga mat sling read "Breathe. Stretch. Be at 1." There was a special water faucet in the wall with triple filtered water to refill your water bottle to help reduce plastic. The minibar contained 2 bottles of KOR wellness and vitality shots. They provided us with 2 pairs of complimentary knit socks with a message on the tag from their mindful guru, Biet Simkin. I spent about an hour in the hotel's fully equipped gym. The gym was complete with treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machine, free weights, yoga mats and suspension straps. The hotel features a Bramford Haybarn organic spa which, unfortunately I did not make into this stay. Hopefully Jonathan agrees that we should spend another night here and take full advantage of the spa. I cannot wait to make it back to this hotel again. I recommend this hotel if you are looking for a wellness retreat spot, a romantic getaway or just an amazing staycation in Brooklyn.

Love, Vick

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