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Wellness Staycation Ideas: My trip to my sister's house

Summer is right around the corner which means that its vacation season. While some people are planning to getaway, others are looking forward to the stay at home vacation or "staycation". For me, having family that lives out of state means I get to stay in their home and vacation becomes more of a staycation.

I like to visit my sister's house in North Carolina two to three times a year. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't matter to me that she lived near the beach or how it's sunny and warm 95% of the time. I LOVE that my sister lives in vacation spot. Visiting family isn't always a vacation, but why not turn it into one? Whether you're staying home, visiting family or family is visiting you, here are some ways you can turn that time into a wellness "staycation".

Try these five tips:

1) STAY ACTIVE: I took a Pilates session with Pilates teacher trainer, Carrie Pages, in her studio in Wilmington, NC. She was fabulous and she gave me a great workout. I'm so happy to have met her.

2) TRY SOMETHING NEW: My mom and I tried an oxygen bar for the first time! This has been on my list of things to try for awhile so I am happy to cross it off my list. Just 10 mins of pure oxygen makes you more alert and eliminates fatigue. I would recommend the oxygen bar to you if you're feeling run down, tired or have brain fog. It's also a great way to get oxygen to your muscles faster after a workout.

3) GET OUTSIDE: I made it to the beach twice that week. We also ate outside when possible and I enjoyed many mornings and evenings in the rocking chair on the front porch. Vitamin D and the fresh air give me new life. Vitamin D improves your muscle function and strengthens your bones.

4) TAKE ME TIME: I love hoping into the oversized bath tub in my sister's guest room. Try adding some epsom salt, essential oils and rose petals to your bath to make it feel more luxurious.

5) RELAX: Relaxing means binge watching Netflix together with the family. It's totally mindless, entertaining and gives us a show to bond over. We binge watched the Netflix original series 'Dead to Me' with Christina Applegate.

ME: "I think this show will be like Desperate Housewives." SISTER: "OMG I love Desperate Housewives."

A good TV series is my kind of good time.

I left North Carolina feeling recharged and with so much clarity. Your staycation will probably look very different. Find what activities speak to you to recharge your mind and body. Do you have any great staycation ideas you'd like to share?

Love Vick

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