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My Weekly Fitness Routine

I get asked a lot by clients about what my personal workout routine looks like. The usual questions are:

1) Do you do Pilates everyday?

2) Do you workout by yourself?

3) Where do you workout?

So, I want to share with you all what my weekly fitness routine currently looks like. The answer to question #1 is that I typically do Pilates 5-6 days per week. And to answer question #2, the majority of workouts are done by myself, either at home or in a private session with an Instructor, but once a week I like to jump into a group Pilates class. And the answer to question #3 is that most of my workouts are done at home but I also use the studio at Equinox in Great Neck for self practice and I throw one or two outside group classes in there. I make sure to schedule 1 or 2 outside group classes just to mix it up a little bit. Classical Pilates exercises should not change all that much between studios but teachers still have their different cues and rhythms that I like to see. Honestly, I don't feel like I workout that much. I try to listen to my body and move when and how it wants to. Sometimes that might mean my workout is an hour of easy stretching and meditation while other days it consists of 2 hours of challenging Pilates exercises. It's not a strict regimen at all. Yes, I workout 7 days a week... usually, but sometimes there are off days, especially if I'm traveling to visit family or not feeling well. The routine that I'm sharing with you now tends to be the norm more often than not. I let my workouts fall into place where ever they fit into my schedule. This routine continues to work for me because I did not force a workout into a time or place that didn't feel natural. This means that I'm not working out at the same time of day everyday, but I am consistent with that sweet spot within each day. Trying to find time to exercise should not feel stressful. Again, most of my practice is done by myself and at home on my schedule. Please do not hesitate to message me if you need help starting your own at home routine.

Love, Vick

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