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FRE for International Women's Day

I have been using the 123 FRE skincare system for about 6 weeks now and still loving it. There's a previous blog post written about my introduction to and review of FRE skincare that you might also enjoy reading. I have teamed up with FRE again to celebrate International Women's Day 2018. On International Women's Day we celebrate the social, economic and cultural achievement of women around the world.

I am proud to join the FRE skin care campaign (FREWomen) to transform the lives of the Izourane Argan Cooperative women in Morocco. As part of its social mission, FRE plants Argan trees with the High Atlas Foundation to empower the women who harvest and produce magic Argan oil by hand. After meeting the cooperative's women in Morocco and understanding their needs, FRE has decided to support the cooperative and help turn it into a model of women's entrepreneurship and fulfillment. The campaign will help make sure that the women are given real opportunities to support themselves and are not being exploited.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen the flowers that my husband came home with. He told me the flowers were for Women's Day and my heart exploded. As we women support other women today I'd also like to thank the men who are also right there with us.

You can head over to and use promo code VICK for 25% off your order. 10% of the proceeds go to help transform the lives of the Izourane women in Morocco.

Love, Vick

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