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I was approached by FRE to sample and review their 123FRE skincare products. I was familiar with the line because of their social media presence but had never tried it before they approached me. I was so happy they did because I definitely had my eye on this line and was very curious about it but just hadn't made the purchase yet. FRE's light green bottles were calling to me for months through the instagram pages of several fitness instructors. I wanted them and apparently, they wanted me too. FRE is marketed towards those who like to sweat but good for those who don't too. Let's be honest, some of the best things in life make us sweat.

The 123FRE skincare routine includes an SPF moisturizer, a face wash, and a daily moisturizer which are known as Protect Me, Purify Me and Revive Me. It's been 2 weeks now since I implemented the line into my daily routine. I take my skincare routine very seriously and this line did not disappoint me. I deal with some skin issues such as exzema, combination skin and breakouts. It's always a struggle to find the right delicate balance for my skin so I need to feel confident with the products I put on it. I feel confident with the FRE face wash and it's moisturizers because it was formulated specifically with those who like to sweat in mind. I believe you're in good hands tribe. The line is intended to be worn pre and post workout. Apply the SPF Protect Me lotion pre-workout. This is ideal for ladies who like to take their workout outside. Use the face wash after a workout and it will leave your face clean without depleting it of moisture. Apply Revive Me moisturizer to a clean face to replenish any vitamins and minerals that may have been lost due to sweating. FRE understands that taking care of our skin is apart of taking care of our health. They have found a way to combat the damage that sweat and the sun can cause our skin with this skincare line. I can't explain the science behind it as well as they can but it feels like an intuitive product line that perfectly serves my lifestyle needs.

I love the company just as much as I love the product line. FRE is made from a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract and Argan stem cells. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free. If that wasn't enough, an Argan Tree of Life is planted for every set sold to fight deforestation. FRE gives you so many good reasons to try it. This company gets even better by offering a promo code for those who would like to try it. Please let me know if you're interested in trying these skincare products and I'll be able to share my code with you.

Love, Vick

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