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Stay Motivated in the Winter

We are now into February where the occasional gym goer has forgotten about their New Year's Resolution and even the 'gym rat' can get scared off by the cold dark days. I'm one of those people who's possibly feeling the affects of low vitamin D and needs a little boost in the motivation department. I had to do some thinking about my situation because staying in a unmotivated rut is not an option. Here are a few things to think about when your yoga pants never actually make it to yoga (or any class... or the gym at all):

  • Before I talk about anything else, don't be too hard on yourself. Its ok to rest. Maybe you're just instinctively listening to your body and giving it the rest it needs. Don't be your own worst critic and remember to be gentle with yourself.

  • Get outside and go for a walk. Get some crisp fresh air and get your body moving. This simple step might just be the reboot you need. Luckily, anytime I find myself unmotivated to workout my husband is there to get me off the couch and outside for a walk. If you don't have that person to nudge you, consider this your nudge. Go for a walk outside!

  • Try a different instructor if you consistently take the same class. Trying someone new might give you a greater appreciation for the instructor that you already love for a reason.

  • Change up your routine completely and try something new. Have you tried the newest class offered at your gym? See what the hype is all about with the latest fad. Have you tried Pilates or yoga, Spin or cycling, kickboxing or tai chi? Try stepping out of your comfort zone for a little excitement.

  • Talk to a friend about how you are feeling towards your fitness routine. They might have some suggestions or motivation for you. Ask them to take a class with you or be your workout buddy.

  • Get some personal attention. Private sessions and personal trainers are not just for beginners. Fitness professionals can help keep you on track and accountable to someone other than yourself. You also get the benefit of a workout tailored to you. Talk to a fitness professional about about how you are currently feeling physically and mental outlook regarding exercise. They can tailor a workout to ease you into a suitable routine and give you progressions based on your strengths and weaknesses. Personal attention also allows you to schedule sessions on your time. Find an instructor that will go to you if time is really an issue.

I've been able to offer my clients in home mat Pilates sessions and it has been really rewarding experience. Private sessions have been preferred by stay at home moms, retired women, women with special physical cases and ladies who express that they just don't like gym environments. I have my clients, you and my husband who push me to find my motivation when it gets lost. There are ways of finding it, just keep searching until you find what works for you.

Final thought: Talk to your doctor during your next physical to check your vitamin D and B levels. Vitamins can affect our moods and of course how our bodies feel.

For those of you in the NYC area, feel free to reach out for Pilates sessions.



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