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Filter 2018

It's the third week of January so I'm a little late to the game with this post but I still think this is something worth talking about. I've seen so many bloggers talk about their 'word' for 2018. Instagram was flooded with everyone's word during the first two weeks of the month. I've obviously heard about setting resolutions and I've even created vision boards but I did not know that people were designating one word to a whole year. I put some thought into this one word application and three words initially came to mind. The three words that came to my mind where Balance, Alignment and Filter. The word that felt the most important to me for this year was filter. I am working on applying a different filter to life similar to what we do with pictures on Instagram now. Let me disclaim here that I really want to be careful about the tone of this post. I'm not suggesting that I or anyone else wear rose colored glasses but I think that sometimes we need to highlight or brighten certain parts of our life that might have become dulled. Sometimes we can get stuck feeling a little blah or gray when we get caught up in the mundane. I'm suggesting taking a moment to adjust the lighting in your picture to highlight the beauty that is in our daily life... Or at least this is what I am suggesting for myself. Outlook is everything. I could have applied the words outlook, perspective or mindset to 2018 and they would have had the same meaning but the word Filter just seemed to resonate more with me. Maybe it's because of all the time I've been spending editing pictures for Instagram. What is your word for 2018 and why?

Love Vick

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