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Snow Day

Thankfully I am able to "work" from home so being snowed in is not such a big deal but I still can't be as productive as I would like to be which is a bummer. Dangerously cold temperatures, freezing wind gusts and piles of snow on the sidewalks do NOT make the list of things I love. Honestly, I was bummed out by the weather and not being able to get my car out of the snow and it took a lot of energy for me to kick myself into gear. I knew I needed to turn my day around and make the best out of being stuck at home. Here's a glimpse into my snow day which didn't turn out to be so bad.

Essential Oils- I turned my hot shower into a spa like experience by diffusing together doTerra's eucalyptus and geranium essential oil. Geranium EO balances emotions and provides stress relief. Eucalyptus EO removes mental exhaustion and sluggishness and can be very rejuvenating. It was just the perfect blend I needed.

Skin Care- I washed my face with Elizabeth Arden Pro Clarifying Cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acid. My esthetician recommended that I use an AHA cleanser after giving me a microdermabrasion facial. I also used my electric Sonic cleansing facial brush which gently exfoliates your skin. I dried my face and applied Belif moisturizer and Belif eye bomb which I've been using for the past two months and really like.

Podcast- I listened to Yoga Girl's first podcast episode of the year on "From the Heart". I've mentioned how much I love this podcast before and still highly recommend it. A new episode is released every Friday and it has become a part of my weekly routine.

Christmas Decor- I usually wait until Little Christmas/ Three Kings Day to take down our Christmas decorations but took them down a day early because I had the time now.

Hallmark Channel- The Hallmark channel was on for most of the day. I love to watch Hallmark movies and Hallmark's daytime show Home & Family. I got to watch All My Heart which is my favorite Lacey Chabert Hallmark movie.

Amazon Echo Dot- Set up our new Echo Dot in our living/ dining area.

Pilates- I rolled out my Manduka mat and enjoyed an hour of Pilates mat practice.

Blog Post- I sat down to write this blog post entry to share my snow day with all of you. It wasn't the most exciting or best day ever but it was a good day. I'm learning that it all depends on how you look at things. I'm thankful to have my beautiful warm home, hot water, food in the house and so much more. When I approach the day from a place of thankfulness and gratitude it is easier to find the joy in the little things.

Happy Snow Day!

Love Vick

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