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5 Tips on How to Survive a Long Travel Day

You are so excited to get to your destination but the only thing in your way is, well... long security lines, the TSA, at least an hour wait for your flight (or worse a delay), a long lay over and a holdup at the baggage claim. You finally make it to your destination and you're faced with a long taxi line or an ordeal at the car rental desk. Although the world seems so small sometimes, travel still seems long and arduous. Travel takes preparation and a certain kind of art to master. Here are some tips that I find to be helpful:

Pack light- Pack as light as possible to streamline the amount of baggage you have to manage. A personal item and one carry on eliminates the baggage claim wait. That cuts out a step and saves time exiting the airport.

Airport Lounge- Lounge cost varies if it's not covered by your credit card company, reward program or plane ticket ($30-$50 per person). The cost pays for itself even if your layover is on the short side but well worth it if it's on the longer side. The lounge is a stress free environment where you can enjoy some quiet time with couches, wifi, a buffet, coffee, tea and open bar.

Stretch & Move- You may be sitting for long periods of time in tight spaces. Stretch and move around any chance you can to avoid stiffness and injury. Easy movement includes extending your legs, walking around, ankle circles, arm stretches and some seated exercises (Hmm, that's an idea for another blog post).

Wash your face- Keep some toiletries handy so you can freshen up when you need to. Water on your face revitalizes you and washes off any residual dirt from your travel day. The change in altitude and cabin air can do funny things to your skin. I also recommend washing your hands often for obvious reasons.

Take a deep breath- Take a deep breath when you feel stress coming on. Take a deep breath when nerves kick in. Take a deep breath of fresh air when you finally arrive and enjoy the rest of the trip.

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