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Tips for the Anxious Traveler

October was a big month for me in the personal growth department. After months of putting off any substantial travel and flying I put a trip to North Carolina on the calendar- and stuck to it. I feel so empowered now that I have this successful trip in the books. This trip to North Carolina signified the overcoming of my fear of flying, of being closed in a confined space with strangers carrying germs, of being far from home, far from the doctors who know me, being away from my husband and being in a crowded place such as an airport. I'm exhausted just from typing that sentence of phobias, I can't believe I lived with all of that for close to a year. Talk about baggage. I'm glad that for this trip all I had was my carry-on. Here are three tips for the anxious traveler:

1) Essential Oil. I travel with doTerra's On Guard, Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils. There really is something magical about aromatherapy and the power that scent has on the mind. The citrus scent of the Wild Orange is a mood lifter and can help manage anxiety levels. The On Guard blend and Peppermint oil have antibacterial properties and immune boosters for those times you feel surrounded by germs. Also, scent can help to keep us present which brings me to my next tip.

2) Meditate. Close your eyes, pay attention to your breathing and bring your focus to yourself. Meditation can calm and clear your mind freeing yourself from anxious thoughts. Hopefully the relaxed state of meditating will facilitate sleep for you. (Attention: Please don't wake me if I'm sleeping until landing. No, I don't want a drink. No, I don't want peanuts. If there's a stroop waffle I'll take it. Always take the stroop waffle.)

3) Access Your Feelings. Let your thoughts flow and address them. You can acknowledge the presence of anxious thoughts but, at the same time, know that they do not have power over you.

Peaceful travels.

Love, Vick

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