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Livestream and Podcasts

You've probably heard someone say that you have to make the time to read something inspirational or uplifting each day and to make it a routine. Setting that time aside may be hard for you and the idea of establishing a new routine can seem like a daunting task. I have found a couple easy ways of doing this. First of all, I find listening to audio versions of material to be much easier than picking up a book sometimes. The key here is that you can multitask when you don't have to sit down with a book. Unless you're Belle and you can read a book, sing a song and walk through the market at the same time, then be my guest. While that's not me, I'm currently listening to Marianne Williamson's 'A Course in Miracles' via live stream and Yoga Girl, Rachel Brathen's podcast 'From the Heart'. I listen to 'A Course in Miracles' on Wednesday mornings while I get myself ready. I start the live stream while in the shower and play it through getting dressed and doing my makeup. I listen to Yoga Girl's podcast on Friday afternoons while driving and it's been a lifesaver while sitting in traffic. Not only am I getting some good content to think about but I also feel a sense of accomplishment over the fact that I was able to multitask, be productive and make the most out of my time. I also try to read in the morning but some weeks are better than others. I'm looking to add another good podcast to my week. Please let me know if there are any podcasts that you can recommend. Find live streams, podcasts or YouTube channels that speak to you and make them a part of your routine that you'd already be doing. Love, Vick

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